Shes Social

Women dominate social media.

Social media has reshaped the online world and women dominate the social media space in every single age category. No matter what you market, it is now absolutely essential that you speak to women.

She’s Social is RDC’s social media arm. We provide strategic social media marketing solutions that improve female consumer acquisition, enhance user experience and develop customer loyalty to generate referral marketing.

  • Women dominate social media – A greater percentage of adult women use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter than men.
  • Women are heavier social media users – Women tend to spend more of their time online on social media networks.
  • Women use social media via mobile – One third of women say a smartphone or tablet is the primary way they access social media. A Nielsen study shows that women spend nearly 10 minutes per day networking through social media from mobile devices.
  • Women are more likely to interact with brands on social media – Women are more likely to be engaged with a brand’s social network sites.
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